Julian plays pulsating ‘straight-ahead’ swing gigs with the cream of the UK’s rhythm section players. He also does exciting clarinet duet gigs with virtuoso clarinettist Mark Crooks.

Whenever USA clarinet ace Ken Peplowski is in Europe, he tours with Julian and the tasteful Craig Milverton Trio. Ken & Julian have recorded two new albums with Craig’s trio.

The first, entitled ‘The Clarinet Maestro’s’ is on sale now, the follow-up, ’Together Again ‘, will be released in the spring of 2016 .

The blend of the clarinet & vibraphone is a natural ‘crowd-pleaser’. Julian & Dominic Ashworth take every opportunity to perform with great vibe exponents like ;- Jim Hart, Anthony Kerr, Lewis Wright & Nat Steele .

Julian recently had the pleasure of recording a collection of ‘swing originals ‘  composed by long-time Kenny Ball pianist Hugh Ledigo .

The new CD which has just been released is entitled ‘Swing Thing’ and features Julian on Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Sax with Hugh Ledigo on Keyboards , Dominic Ashworth on Guitars, Dave Green on Bass & Mike Bradley on Drums.